SIMFED Business Presently SIMFED is involved in the following businesses: Procurement of Surplus Agriculture and Horticulture produce and disposal of the same through SIMFED’s yard at the regulated market, Siliguri. Procurement and supply of seeds, fertilizer, agricultural tools and Implements, organic manure, pesticides etc. to the Food Security and Agriculture Development Department and the Horticulture and Cash Crops Development Department. Procurement of all consumer items from the nearest whole sale market at Siliguri and supply of the same to the MPCS and CCS. Procurement and Supply of various construction materials viz. TMT Bars, cement, and other hardware items to various govt. departments. Procurement and supply of office stationeries, exercise book, furnitures, computers etc. Supply of uniforms to class IV staffs of the Government departments including Police Department. Supply of various miscellaneous items required by the Govt. departments.

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