Temi Tea is an exceptional tea of quality grown in the Himalayan state of Sikkim. Temi Tea engaged in the business of production and marketing of Orthodox Black Tea since 1977. So far 500 acres of land has been covered by Tea plantation. The tea crop constitutes TRA certified clones, and Chinary seeds which are ideal for the manufacture of flavored teas. The elevation of the garden is from 4800ft. to 6400ft above MSL. The tea crop grown in northeastern aspect. Annual production ranges to 100 tonnes.

It has beenCertified 100% Organic by IMO, Control, a member group of IMO Switzerland since2008. Temi Tea Estate is also HACCAP Certified as per ISO 22000 standard under Food Safety.


Temi Tea manufacture is more of an art than science. The following are the five (5) steps to manufacture Temi Tea. 1. Withering 2. Rolling 3. Fermentation 4. Drying 5. Sorting & Packing.

Collection of Tea Leaves

Withering: Here the green leaves are kept on withering troughs and warm air is blown. The net result is that the leaves lose moisture to 65%.

Rolling: The rolling machine rolls and breaks the leaves by which the liquid content of leaves released and the fermentation and oxidation of the leaf begins.

Fermentation: During the fermentation process, the enzymes within the leaves are bound to the oxygen in the air. This process causes the leaves to blacken and this is what creates the typical flavor of black tea.

Drying: This is a process where the tea is dried, in dryers where, the character attained during fermentation are fixed.

Sorting: This process ensure Bulk tea into four different gards.

Packing: Packing done for all gardes with different commercial names by trained skilled workers.