Aims and Objectives


  • To arrange for the sale of agricultural produce and other allied products of the members of the affiliated societies and others members to their best advantages.
  • To purchase and sell Agricultural Produce and the supply of Agricultural Inputs such as Organic seed, Organic fertilizers etc as required by farmers.
  • To act as an agent of members societies for the disposal of produce.
  • To carry on trading in agricultural produce and other essential commodities as agent of the state Government and distribution of controlled non-controlled commodities procured from outside the state in suitable circumstances or on behalf of the affiliated societies and other cooperatives.
  • To do such business with non members as may be conducive to the promotion of the economic interest of members under conditions as may be directed upon from time to time by the board of Directors by a resolution in writing provided that the registrar does not direct otherwise.
  • To undertake procurement, processing, grading and marketing of agricultural produce, fruits and vegetables handled by the Federation as and when necessary and to establish and run manufacturing and processing units for the production of consumer goods in collaboration with other co-operative or directly by itself.
  • To encourage general thrift, self-help and cooperation among the members.

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