Sikkim State Cooperative Supply and Marketing Federation Ltd.



Marketingof the Surplus Agriculture, Horticulture & floriculture produce,supply of organic manures,agricultural inputs,Liveries of class IV staff of Govt.deptt. constructions materials & other governmental requirements... More...





Presently SIMFED is involved in the following businesses:

  • Procurement of Surplus Agriculture and Horticulture produce and disposal of the same through SIMFED’s yard at the regulated market, Siliguri.

  • Procurement and supply of seeds, fertilizer, agricultural tools and Implements, organic manure, pesticides etc. to the Food Security and Agriculture Development Department and the Horticulture and Cash Crops Development Department.

  • Procurement of all consumer items from the nearest whole sale market at Siliguri and supply of the same to the MPCS and CCS.

  • Procurement and Supply of various construction materials viz. TMT Bars, cement, and other hardware items to various govt. departments.

  • Procurement and supply of office stationeries, exercise book, furnitures, computers etc.

  • Supply of uniforms to class IV staffs of the Government departments including Police Department.

  • Supply of various miscellaneous items required by the Govt. departments.